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Angry jappleack by avaston-d4oecat

"That's My line"

(Warning: This is a parody of a character and may be more mature than the more friendlier character it is portraying)

Jappleack (formerly known as Applejack in APPLE.MOV) is a parody of Applejack from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The adulterated parody series of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, named PONY.MOV, is made by Hotdiggitydemon and can be watched on Youtube, Newgrounds, and the creator's website. Of all the other characters in the series, Jappleack is the only one with a ask tumblr page.


In APPLE.MOV, Jappleack displays an addiction to apples and eats them most of the time. Her addiction is so bad that she prefers eating only apples or anything apple based over any else, and insults or glares at anyone who offers her something not apple related to eat. On her tumblr page, it is revealed that she displays a dark and strong pride towards apple cutie marks which results with her abuse, torturing, and downright hatred towards her sister, Applebloom, for not having a cutiemark. Jappleack also uses her sister as a slave (like in one image on her tumblr, Applebloom is used as a foot rest) and physically abuses Applebloom when she was framed by a fan with a similar name for trash talking Jappleack. Overall, she is pretty much portrayed as a stereotypical country hick with a mouth used to spit out profanity.

Appearance in APPLE.MOVEdit



The episode starts out with Jappleack eating apples like it was no other day, proudly stating her love for them. A crueler version of Twilight later enters the scene and tells Jappleack that she can't eat all those apples. Thinking she was being challenged for her love for apples, Jappleack begins to gulp down more apples to prove Twilight wrong. All the while, the other parody versions of the mane six arrive to the scene to watch Jappleack eat more apples. After Jappleack was done gulping down the basket of apples, she was congratulated personally by a meth-addicted purple dragon named Spike (parodying the real Spike that eats gems and jewels) who laughed and called her crazy. Being irked by this "praise", Jappleack bucks Spike to a tree, resulting an apple falling down to the ground as if reminding the apple-hungry pony her addiction. Jappleack gets more apples and begins to eat wildly, to the amazement of the other ponies. She ate so fast that eventually, for some reason, she gets high from eating too many apples (it is believed that this is due to the traces of cyanide found in apple seeds (which is a real thing)) and goes through a Matrix-like experience, except with more apples than ever. The episode ends with a huge-bellied Jappleack lying on the ground suffering from some severe spasms, to the brief concern of Spike before stating that she'll be fine. A fully-swallowed apple gargled up Jappleack's mouth as Twilight remains amazed at Jappleack's apple eating ability. Jappleack then eats the apple. In the "epilogue" of the whole video, Jappleack can be last seen with apples up her nose, staring at the camera with a smug expression.

Watch out, Ashleigh

Watch out, Ashleigh

She also has a brief short titled, "Watch Out Ashleigh" where she angerly responds to the real Applejack's voice actress using her line ("F*ck you! I can eat all these apples!"), but without the profanity, thus changing it as "Forget ya! I can eat all these apples!".

On her Tumblr pageEdit

An ask Tumblr has you ask a question and the user of the page you're asking will respond with a comical (and sometimes, questionable) image. Jappleack's tumblr is no different than this, and starts off as the typical ask tumblr. She responses negatively if you touch on the subject of her liking anything else besides apples, and abuses Applebloom if she answers Applebloom based questions. However, the question responses on her page - and the tumblr page itself - slowly takes on a more serious and depressing tone after the death of her sister in an episode titled SHED.MOV. At this point, the blog deviates from its "ask" format into a full-fledged story, over the course of which Jappleack evolves into a more sympathetic character and becomes a hero who saves Equestria from the gluttonous Appelox.