How unfortunate.
~ Japan aka Honda.

Japan is one of the main characters in the anime "Hetalia".


Japan is a tall, skinny young man, and he's usually either seen in a extravagant white military uniform or a dark brown-green kimono.

He has dark black (sometimes brown) "bowl cut hair". He also has large brown eyes that have been described as 'soulless'.


In the WWII arcs, Japan is rather serious and annoyed with Italy's loud behavior and seems to be on shakey grounds with Germany.

He's also shown to be extremely intelligent if not vague. He has also shown to be enigmatic.

He has stated that he enjoys 'reading the mood and refraining from speaking', meaning that he prefers to remain silent while listening to and observing his surroundings.

Acts of Evil

Like Germany and Italy, he is only and truly a villain during the WWII arcs. During these arcs he has commited several implied murders.

Hetalia Fan Games

In the Hetalia fan game "Escape from Siberia", Kiku (Japan) serves as a side villain. He works with Russia to help brainwash all the nations to become drones and all live in Siberia together in world peace. He gets important information from Feliciano (Italy) that will help Russia to succeed in this ultimate plan.


  • He was named after the nation of Japan.
  • Japan's official human name is Kiku Honda
  • Japan's english dubbed voice actor is Christopher Bevins who ironicly has no Asian in his family.

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