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January and Karlene
January Cole and Karlene Trainor are the main antagonists of the childrens show, Angela Anaconda

Nicknamed the "Copycat Clone Club" by Angela, they are Nanette’s best friends—treated more like her servants—who follow Nanette around wherever she goes.

January is African American while Karlene is White. The two of them sport bouffant hairdos, preppy clothing and beauty moles, they are very concerned with their appearance and look to Nanette for fashion guidance (mainly about facials and makeup). When Nanette makes a statement, January instantly agrees and then Karlene agrees "even more."

Despite their devotion to Nanette they aren't shown to be loyal to her. An example of this was when Nanette was bedridden with a head cold, they found themselves without a leader and instantly latched onto Angela (the protagonist of the show), who had the high-status job of organizing the school’s spring fling decorations. However, once Nanette got over her cold, they came back to their leader at the drop of a dime.

Nanette and January actually had a falling-out with Karlene in one episode just because Karlene's very rich father cut her allowance by a large amount when he found out she used his credit card to buy "ceramic" kitty collectibles for her, resulting in Karlene hanging out with Angela and the rest of her friends. However, it is revealed later in the episode that Karlene was only hanging with them so save enough money to buy a real fur hat (since she believed in having fun by spending money, and claiming that she had saved $120 in the time she spent with Angela).

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