Dr. Janosz Poha was the (former) secondary antagonist of Ghostbusters II. He was the right-hand man of Vigo after agreeing to help the evil spirit in his quest to be reborn, deciding that Dana's baby would make a perfect host as he was madly in love with her and quite liked the idea of being the adopted father of a "god".



Janosz empowered by Vigo

However Janosz was not prepared for the intervention of the Ghostbusters and in order to aid his master became possessed by Vigo, gaining supernatural powers but also losing a bit of his humanity in the process - although he was an antagonist throughout the movie it is worth noting that Janosz was never a truly evil individual, just very misguided and desperate - thus easily manipulated by more sinister beings such as Vigo.

Janosz was ultimately defeated by the Ghostbusters using a special device that reversed Vigo's "mood slime" via transforming the negative psychic energy into positive ones - this was really the only non-lethal way to deal with Janosz (since he was human) and worked very well as he became almost instantly reformed afterwards - his ultimate fate is unknown but it is safe to assume he resumed his role as a supervisor at the Manhattan Museum of Art.


  • He was portrayed by Peter MacNicol, who later went on to play Fenwick in Recess: School's Out!.


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