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It's lucky that you have managed to come this far, however, I'll put an end to that.
~ Janken the Great

Janken the Great (real: Janken), also known as King Janken and Emperor Janken, is the main villain and final boss of the Sega videogame Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

Janken the Great is the emperor of Planet Janbarik. He has invaded the Miracle World (also known by it's true name "Aries") and wishes to rule over the beautiful city kingdom of Radaxian, so he turned all of it's inhabitants to stone. Alex Kidd, who had been training in the mountains, finds a dying man who tells him Radaxian is in danger, so Alex Kidd decides to journey through Miracle World to defeat Janken and save Radaxian.

Janken the Great is a master at Janken, the Rock-Paper-Scissors game, which earned him his title. When Alex Kidd finally confronts him, he challenges him to a best-of-three Janken match, and if Alex lost he would be turned to stone. Alex beats Janken, who is turned to stone himself, thus freeing all people of Radaxian.


Janken the Great is a gargantuan creature with elf-like ears many times bigger than Arians and even his own minions. He wore a mask, a helmet with a signle horn on it, and he carries a sword. He also has the letter J in a circle on his royal uniform which stands for his name.

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