Werewolf Mother
Janice Perry is a villainess from Tales From the Darkside, appearing in Season Four's "Family Reunion."

She was played by Patricia Tallman.

In the episode, Janice Perry sees Trudy, a social worker, regarding gaining custody of her son, Bobby; stating that the boy's father, Robert, is keeping her from seeing him. In actuality, Bobby is a werewolf and is being locked up by Robert every full moon. At episode's end, Janice and Trudy visit the house to attempt to get Bobby, who slowly turns into a werewolf and lunges after Trudy. Robert enters with a gun and walks slowly toward Bobby, but at that moment, Janice knocks him out with one punch. Janice later revealed herself as a werewolf and slowly transforms in front of Trudy. After her transformation is complete, the evil Janice attacks Trudy, breaks down the door, and mother and son are reunited.