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Jang Pil-ho is the main antagonist of the 2006 South Korean fim The City of Violence. Pil-ho is a friend of Tae-su, Seok-hwan and Won-jae since they were teenagers.
Pil-mo jang

He is played by Lee Beom Soo

High School

Pil-ho was needy student who met and best friends with Tae-su, Wang-jae and Seok-hwan. He lacked anger management and was apparent when beat a rival thug half dead with

a pipe.


Pil-ho took over his brother-in-law Wang-jae's throne as a mobster. He killed Wang-jae when he objected to his plan to turn the city into a tourist district. When his other old friends find out, Pil-ho has one of them savagely beaten by his men. When one man decides to inform on him, he burns him alive.

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