Don't act so know ours is the greatest love story ever told.
~ Rose to Luisa upon revealing she is still alive.

Rose Solano, also known as Sin Rostro, is the main antagonist of Season 1 of Jane the Virgin, one of the two main antagonists of Season 2, and the secondary antagonist of Season 3. She is the overall main antagonist of the series.

She is the beautiful, yet deceptively evil Step-Mother of Raphael Solano, and an international Crime Lord who uses her husbands hotel, The Marbella, to change criminals faces.


In Season 1, she develops a love affair with her Step-Daughter, Luisa Solano, and is later revealed as the mastermind villain, Sin Rostro, in the seasons 12th episode, where she kills her husband. After her exposure to the police, she flees Miami and remains dormant for the remainder of the season before returning in its finale to kidnap Jane Villanueva's newborn baby, Mateo, to hold for ransom to regain a chip contain all the criminals faces whom she had changed.

In season 2, she fails in regaining the chip after Nadine, a former subordinate, places it on Michael, the main cop working on her case and Jane's love interest. She then allies with the newly introduced Crime Lord Mutter to steal back the chip from the police. Mutter is later revealed to be Rafaels biological Mother Elena Di Nola, as well as Rose's Step-Mother. Knowing she could not trust Mutter, Rose devises a plan to disguise herself as Susana Barnett and place herself as a cop working on Michaels team. One of her associates then undergoes a surgery to change her face to match roses and tricks Mutter into killing her, making Elena believe that she had killed the real Rose. She then allies with Elena's son, Derek, to betray Elena and gain a fortune of money hidden below the Fairwick hotel (a plan originally used by Mutter who wanted the money for herself). However, before she is able to escape with Luisa she is confronted by Michael who realizes who she really is. Rose shoots Michael and reveals her disguise to Luisa, who thought she was dead. She then asks Luisa to leave with her and the season ends.