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Jane the Killer is a creepypasta who hates Jeff the Killer.


Jane was sleeping in her bed but she saw a random guy walking in the hallway with a knife. She noticed that
Jane the killer by mychaoticheart-d5sb8s3
the guy was heading for her parent's room. When she found out that the guy killed her parents, she spent her life trying to find the mysterious guy, but she found him when she was about 21 when Jane and Jeff the Killer saw each other. Jane dressed as a hooker in disguise. They both slept together but Jeff felt like it was a trick so he took out his knife and tried to kill her but Jane knocked him out. Several days later, they bought went into a fight, both we're hurt pretty badly but Jane won the fight. Jeff the Killer died and went into a morgue. After that, Jane started killing people. 9 months later, Jane was found dead by giving birth to a baby, possibly because when Jane pretended to be a hooker and met Jeff, she became pregnant.

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