Dr. Tiptree

Dr. Jane Tiptree

Dr. Jane Tiptree is the main human antagonist in the 1993 dinosaur film, Carnosaur.


She is a scientist working for the Eunice Corporation, a company that works with genetic engineering, unknown to everyone she is actually developing a plan to exterminate human race as she sees that earth originally belonged to dinosaurs not to humans.

Movie Role

Dr. Tiptree is an skilled genetic engineer with wide knowledge of science in general, she asked government to support her "investigation" on genetics but managed to hide her real intentions by telling them that the project was something very important and could not be revealed but it would be a huge step for science. She combined iguana and crocodile DNA with albatrosses, vultures, pelicans, turkeys and ostriches DNA to create a breed of extra large chicken, where they are integrated on her discovered dinosaur DNA from fossils, resulting in the breed of a Deinonychus (which escaped and killed many town inhabitants) and a Tyrannosaurus, as they were genetically altered they grew up with alarming speed. She also created a powerful and highly contagious virus that causes women to give birth to dinosaurs, killing them in the process. She intentionally impregnates herself with the virus she created, this is seen when she gives birth to a dinosaur (possibly a Deinonychus or Tyrannosaurus), with herself ripping apart her stomach and ultimately resulting in her death.



  • Jane Tiptree was portrayed by Diane Ladd, who in real life is the mother of Laura Dern who portrayed as Dr. Ellie Sattler in the Jurassic Park movies.
  • She is based on the character of Darren Penward from the novel the film is adapted from-other differences between the depictions include that he was the owner of a private zoo who wanted to unleash the dinosaurs to start World War III.