"Jane" is the leader for Omega House and main antagonist of the season 6 episode "Fun with Jane and Jane" of King of the Hill.


Old Jane

She is the founder of a religious cult disguised as sorority called mega House. She was Mentioned Character in Fun with Jane and Jane.

She works as a CEO of a jam company, and she created a religious cult to support the make of her jams.She is mentioned at her missionary at Arlen Community College's Omega House.

New Jane

The Omega House is actually a cult that brainwashes its members by depriving them of protein, contact with friends and family and hazing. She punished Luanne severely for buying pizza by locking her in the closet when Luanne was tired of eating only rice every day. She found means of escape by jumping into Hank's truck. Peggy, believing that the sorority deserves a second chance, takes Luanne back, remembering her own decision for not joining a sorority when she went to college. Though reluctant, Jane takes Luanne back, then trick Peggy into joining the cult as well. Soon, both Luanne and Peggy (now called Blonde Jane and Old Jane by Luanne (Old Jane by the other members) become fully fledged members of the cult and spent their days selling jams and jellies for the cult. One day, they are ready to go on the bus which will drive to the ranch that produces the jams and jellies the cult sells. However, Peggy and Luanne are saved by Hank, Dale, Bill and Boomhauer after Hank realizes the danger they are in by blowing the smell of stakes into their faces. Soon the other "Janes" smell the meat and run away from the bus, leaving the leader Jane trying to get them back.