Jan the Wallpaper Man was a villain who appeared in the Regular Show episode "Terror Tales of the Park ll". He was made up by Benson to show people shouldn't slack off.


Jan is a giant tarantula who disguises himself as a old man who wallpapers houses for free. He finds his victims by advertising himself as a man who wallpapers houses for free once. When he finishes, he wraps his victims in wallpaper and eats them. Mordecai and Rigby hire Jan to wallpaper the house. Mordecai and Rigby are convinced to hire Jan after Muscle Man tells them "Local TV dudes always come through for ya'".


Near the end of the episode, everybody apart from Mordecai and Rigby are wrapped in wallpaper. Just when things are about to end for everybody, an unknown delivery man shows up with a box of grenades that were supposed to be delivered to Muscle Man. Mordecai and Rigby use the grenades to kill Jan at the end of the episode.

Jan spider

Jan as a tarantula.

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