We do consider ourselves, however... and we consider to have... a good reason to consider ourselves... the worst... nightmare... of every... student.
~ Jan Kossakowski
You'll see that your dear, beautiful, wonderful, orderly world... holds only... on tape and glue. And that the truth is... that you're alive only... because every day... someone has decided not to kill you.
~ Michal Dunczyk

Jan Kossakowski and Michal Dunczyk are the 2 protagonists of the 2008 motion picture Bullet Time written and directed by Michał Wiśniewski.

They were both portrayed by Jan Kuncewicz and Michał Wiśniewski.


Jan Kossakowski has long, curly, black hair and is quite heavy looking. Michal Dunczyk on the other hand is almost the opposite. He has short, black hair and he wears glasses, giving him that somewhat intelligent look.


Jan Kossakowski seems to be the depressed one, not knowing what to do with himself and his future. Michal Dunczyk takes on a different role, maybe even that of a psychopath/sociopath. In the years, hatred and misanthropy built up inside of him as well as Jan, changing their personality throughout the film completely. From planning their actions to actually executing the plan.


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