James Whittaker Munroe was a villain introduced in the Star Trek computer game Judgement Rites. He was voiced by Steve Kramer in the extended version of the game.

Munroe attended Princeton University on Earth. Writing a thesis on temporal anomalies in warp fields, he graduated with a Ph.D. prior to the late 2260s.

By 2269 Munroe was the administrator of Espoir Station, a Federation science station set up to monitor a proto-universe phenomenon called Gravity's End. At some point while in charge of the station Munroe began working with the Vardaine anti-Federation extremist Dr. Ies Bredell, who constructed a superweapon that focused and discharged energy from Gravity's End to destroy planets.

In a possible alternate future Bredell was able to fire his weapon at Earth, destroying the planet in the process and wrecking the USS Alexander. The weapon opened a time rift which sent the Alexander back in time eight days. They were able to warn Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise about the impending destruction of the Federation at the hands of Bredell.

Traveling to Espoir Station Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy were put into custody by Munroe. They were able to escape with the help of a sympathetic Vardaine security officer and were then able to convince the Vardaine security forces to help them.

After destroying Bredell's superweapon Munroe was arrested and removed from his post as the administrator of the station. The USS Alexander arrived to provide security and operations personnel to the station, from their view now meeting Kirk and the Enterprise for the first time.