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I axed you a Question. If you don't answer me, I guess I'll just have to axe you again.
~ James Rusttoti

James Russoti or Loony Bin Jim is Billy Russoti's Brother and the secondary antagonist in the 2008 action film Punisher: War Zone.

He was portrayed by Doug Hutchison.


Loony Bin Jim is deranged and violent, a cannibalistic sadistic who enjoys to slaughter his victims. He proves to have a psychotic strength and an unnatural agility, as proved by his fight with the Punisher, who hardly manages to defend himself from his casual and unforeseeable attacks. His madness gives him an incredible stamina, since he's able to stands on his feet despite being thrown many times against various objects.

The only person close to him is his brother Billy. The two are very attached, and they share a relationship of mutual protection and affection. In his way, he seems to really love his brother, to the point of crashing every mirror in a room by trowing himself on them for making Billy avoid his reflection. Billy is the only one calling him "James" instead of "Loony Bin Jim", and he gets very angry whenever someone does.



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