James Harrison

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James Harrison is the primary antagonist of the 2011 film The Victim. He is a perverted Deputy turned murderer - he seeks out a call-girl who witnessed his brutal rape and murder of her close friend (and fellow prostitute) but finds things complicated when she seeks the aid of a loner.

He was portrayed by Ryan Honey.


Trying to cover up his terrible crimes, Harrison breaks into the loner's home and tries to kill the call-girl but is overpowered by the protagonist and tortured into agreeing to show the pair where he hid the body : as he is driven to the crime scene he reveals a sociopathic view of the world, reasoning people either "take life by the balls" or "play the victim".

Harrison tries to bribe the protagonist with offers of money, a job and even clearing a criminal record but the protagonist refuses, knowing Harrison was lying - however Harrison's fellow deputy soon manages to free Harrison and is revealed to be part of the conspiracy (albeit a lot less willing to murder than Harrison is).

Harrison makes his partner aid in driving back to the protagonist's home where he ties the protagonist up and prepares to torture him with a burning iron as vengeance for his own torture - he also tells his partner to go outside and kill the call-girl.

Harrison proceeds to mock the protagonist as he prepares the iron, unaware that the call-girl managed to trick his partner and shot him dead - upon hearing the gunshots Harrison gloats to the protagonist, thinking he had won.

The degenerate cop then sets out to burn the protagonist when he is attacked from behind by the call-girl, who frees the protagonist and a violent confrontation occurs between Harrison and the protagonist that ultimately has the pair rolling into the woods.

Once in the woods Harrison manages to get the upper-hand and starts to choke the protagonist to death, only for the call-girl to return and shove her fingers in his eyes - enraged and in pain Harrison lets go off the protagonist and attempts to kill the call-girl but is overpowered by the protagonist, who uses a rock to cave in his skull and finally kill the evil killer once and for all.