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Surprise Motherfucker!
~ James' most famous line.
James doakes 2

Sergeant James Doakes of Miami P.D. is a recurring antagonist in Dexter.


James is not much of a corrupt cop, but an obsessed by the book cop who hides behind the law. James Doakes spent most of season 1 and 2 tracking down the bay harbor butcher. In the middle of season 1, he was unaware that is Dexter is the bay harbor butcher. The bay harbor butcher is the good guy. James doesn't know that, he just sees a killer, he doesn't believe Dexter Morgan is a good guy or a serial killer could be the good guy that only targets bad guys. James always finding Dexter strange and being obsessed about him being the Bay Harbor Butcher. He also figure out when Dexter took out the Ice Truck Killer, he only sees Dexter as the bad guy. Mostly his obsession with Dexter is putting him in hot water and wants to put him away behind bars. Dexter was trying to reform Lila West, she locked Doakes in a cage. Doakes trying to reason her and would make a deal with her, she doesn't believe him, because the first rule in good guys vs bad guys, never negotiate with bad guys. Good guys and bad guys don't keep their words. James became a bigger criminal when he tries to take down Dexter only see him as a criminal, not a hero. Lila kills Doakes to stop pursuing Dexter by being burned. Dexter took out, Lila just to protect her from getting in trouble with the law. Dexter pins the Bay Harbor Butcher to Doakes. Mostly he is well hated by everyone. James is divorced and Maria LaGuerta, Dexter, and Doakes' mother and sisters only attended his funeral who everyone thinks he is the bay harbor butcher. Maria LaGuerta was James Partner, before she was promoted and they used to gone out once. Maria in season 7, figure out that Dexter is the bay harbor butcher and Doakes wasn't when she sees his blood slide. Maria was just like Doakes, obsessed about Dexter and wants to put him behind bars. But that backfired too, when she lost her job and lose her credibility in the police force. When Dexter changed blood slides. Just like Doakes, she only sees Dexter as a criminal and a killer, not a hero. But that cost her life, when she was following Dexter taking out a criminal. Dexter's adopted sister Debra, spotted the two and she figure out that Dexter was the bay harbor butcher and he was the good guy. Maria tried to blackmail her, it didn't work. Maria made her choose between Dexter or LaGuerta. Debra chose Dexter, because she wasn't going to be bullied by people like Maria for the rest of her life.


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