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Colonel James Ackerson is a prominently featured character in the Halo universe. He serves as the UNSC Army's liaison to the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Similar to Margaret Parangosky, Ackerson is more of an anti-hero and often mixed personal glory with more humanitarian goals. For example, his creation of the SPARTAN-III Program was an effort to "trade lives for time", but it was also an attempt to out-do his rival, Catherine Halsey. He was rather savage at times, eager to put his own petty revenge before the betterment of mankind. During a field test of the Mark V MJOLNIR armor with Cortana and John-117, Ackerson exceeded the testing parameters, nearly causing the deaths of the SPARTAN and the AI through use of automated turrets, ODST squads, anti-tank mines, and even an airstrike.

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