Ohh. This is my luck day!
~ James A. Paddington
James A. Paddington is an minor antagonist in Date A Live II. He is the captain of Arbatel. He serves as co-commander to give commands to DEM to destroy the Spirits in Irubi Island operation. He also makes a brief appearance in the last volume 8, at the end of chapter when he was killed by a device planted by in his body by the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries soon after closing the connection between Elliot Woodman and Isaac Ray Peram Westcott.

Physical Description

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James in Date A Live Special Booklet bundled

James is a man who seems to have by the age of 50 years old. He always wears a uniform and a military hat commander of Navy aerial D.E.M. He has white skin and black eyes. His hair is brown and slightly curled.

Psychological Description

Despite having made few appearances in the anime, James is a very treacherous and cruel man who does what he destroys and kills any living being who cross his path. He is ungenerous, arrogant, and selfish, and would make any kind of atrocity to achieve his goals, he seems to have contempt for women because they are weak and less to men, he does not show respect for their subordinates and always act like he's right in what he do, and not care about other people's opinion.


Irubi Island

After having an engagement with Ratatoskr's airship Fraxinus over the southern island where Shido and his classmates were having a Field Trip, they were forced to retreat after being badly damaged, but due to his pride as the Captain he tried to capture the Spirits Berserk and Princess to make up for the disgrace he suffered from Ratatoskr. However when they confronted Berserk and tried to capture them, they were shot down by them and the airship Arbatel was destroyed. The status of the crew members on board the Arbatel is unknown, assumed to be killed during the destruction of the Arbatel.

Ratatoskr's Prison

However, on volume 8 it reveal later that he survived the destruction of his airship but was capture by Ratatoskr, unknown status with his crews though. Even so, the D.E.M seem to did something to his body or mind because he was not psychological stable while being being captured and would act like a zombie most of the time. More so to prove that D.E.M did something to his body was when Ratatoskr founder; Mr. Woodman came to question him, his body was uses as a human transmitter before coughing out blood and ending the conversation between Mr. Woodman and Mr. Westcott.


  • Despite the fact that Shidou Itsuka, Tohka, Origami and Yamai Sisters are James's enemies, they have never had any actual interactions.
  • He seems to have fear of Isaac Westcott, before Arbatel be destroyed by the Yamai Twins. He was afraid to return to D.E.M with empty-handed and look on Isaac's face.



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