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Sorry, mate.
~ James apologizing to Simon for running him over on his leg
Do I know you?
~ James asking who are the two boys

James is the main antagonist of The Inbetweneers Movie and he is played by Theo James, he is a rich kid with lots of swagger also arrogance and he is dating Carli who is another rich girl. James first knocks down Simon when he is going to talk to Carli and James almost runs down Simon with his quad bike. Later on James continues to pick on Simon through the movie. James makes Simon pawn all his clothes to him so he can be given money but James deliberately leaves the money and takes his clothes.

Later James and his friends laugh at what Jay's wearing and make him cry. James also laughs about Jay's girlfriend Jane, because she's fat. So in retaliation Jay gives James some drugs which have something inside. James snorts the drugs in his nose, but the fumes come out so he has girls run away from him.


  • James is a rich jerk who thinks he can do what he wants and acts like he owns the Crete town he's in. Despite being just a bully, he acts like a gangster.

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