James gregoryhorrorshow

James is Gregory's grandson who roams the halls of Gregory House with pranks. He is a minor antagonist in the anime Gregory Horror Show and the game Soul Collector.


James makes a few appearances in the series. Notably, he was present during The Second Guest when he followed the female guest, inquiring as to what she was doing. For a brief time during The Second Guest, he and Gregory's souls are switched in a Freaky Friday scenario. In Gregory's body, James caused a lot of chaos and incurred the wrath of Gregory Mama who brutally attacked Gregory once their souls switched back. After Neko Zombie's failed attempt to destroy them all, James welcomed the second guest into his family after her transformation.

Soul Collector

James is another of the few residents who will not harm the player during the game. However, he will antagonize the player character by following him/her around and giving away his/her position if they are spying on other Gregory House residents. Gregory also chides James for his pranks such as leaving a banana peel around where it could slip somehow. Interestingly, this is what reveals the method of getting the soul in Catherine's possession.


James is the typical bratty kid who has a penchant for pranks and frequently causes trouble for his own amusement. During one episode of the Bloody Karte series, he finds one of his grandfather's dirty magazines and is sworn to be promise that he won't tell Gregory Mama whom Gregory fears. James slips it anyway and laughs as Gregory is thrashed.

He also espouses typical childish enthusiasm, even in dangerous situations. For example, during the fire at the end of Soul Collector, he runs around wearing a fireman's hat while squirting at the flames with a water gun and screaming "Fire! Fire! Yeah!"