Det. James "Jimmy" Shaker is the main antagonist in the 1996 movie Ransom.

He was portrayed by Gary Sinise who also played Kevin Dunne in Snake Eyes and Shaw in Open Season.

Biography Edit

He sets in motion a plan to kidnap Tom Mullen's (a rich airline entrepreneur) son. With the help of his girlfriend, Maris Conner, and a group of criminals, he plans to collect 2 million dollars and kill his son. However, Tom does something Shaker and the kidnappers don't expect. He puts a bounty on the kidnapper's heads. Furiously, Shaker decides to kill his criminal gang and his own girlfriend, as cover-up for their murders, he calls for backup moments prior to this event. This also covers his involvement in the kidnapping. He pays a visit to Tom to receive his reward. But, his son immediately recognizes him and Tom realizes he's the mastermind behind it all. Tom alerts the FBI by faking a call to the airport. After Shaker receives 4,000,000$ (As Tom doubled the reward as an act of desperation), a street chase and bloody fight commences. In the end, Shaker is shot and killed by Tom and Agent Hawkins.