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James Edison "Jimmy" Darmody is a major character in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. Darmody is an Ex-soldier recently returned home, forever changed by the horrors of World War I. Once home he begins his life of crime as Atlantic City boss Enoch Nucky Thomson's right-hand and personal assistant. Jimmy later becomes Nucky's top enforcer and hitman before turning against him in a bid to claim Nucky's criminal enterprise for himself. Jimmy is an extremely intelligent and capable individual proving that he is also ambitious as much as he is ruthless as he is responsible for the cold blooded murder of several business rivals and unlucky bystanders. Jimmy serves as the secondary protagonist in the first season and later becomes the main antagonist of season two.

He is portrayed by actor Michael Pitt, who portrayed Mason Verger in TV show Hannibal's second season.

Boardwalk Empire

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