The Jameleon Cousins, consisting of Jerry, Jay and Junior, are Langston Lickatoad's nefarious cousins and main antagonists of the Viva Piñata episode "Langston's Jameleon Cousins".

Langston's Jameleon Cousins

In the first scene, after Fergy is trying to get away from Langston, the Cousins possess Langston and Fergy to slap each other.

Finding it a joke, the Cousins reveal themselves and Langston introduces them to Fergy.

Having fun possessing Langston, they continue to do so for the rest of the day, including when he's meeting with his boss, going to Franklin's house, and talking to Fergy.

Lickatoad soon goes insane and hides in fear for the rest of the episode.

They are soon to go, but Fergy begs them to stay, so they oblige and possess Fergy instead.