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Jamano (ジャマノ) is the ghost pirate boss who faces Wario in Wario Land 3. He fights Wario in The Stagnant Swamp. Upon entering his arena, four skulls appear out of nowhere, and will separate across the room's corners, covering the lamps. The room will turn pitch black, and all that will be visible will be Jamano, the skulls, and Wario himself. After the player moves Wario to the skull on the lower right, the ghost pirate will appear and begin chasing Wario. Wario must knock the skulls off of the lamps to return full light to the room and defeat Jamano. If at any time Wario is caught by the boss, Wario will be hauled outside. Furthermore, the longer Wario waits after hitting a skull, the more likely it will return.

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