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Jalhalla is a reoccurring boss in the Zelda games that appears in The Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventures and Oracle of Ages. Jalhalla is the King of Ghosts and is a minion of Ganon. Jalhalla's true form is a Green Poe or an Orange Ghini.

The Wind Waker

Jalhalla appears as the Guardian of the Earth Temple and is the sixth boss. He can only be defeated by throwing him into the spike wall and then destroying the Poes that he is made up off.

Oracle of Ages

Jalhalla appears as the Giant Ghini and is a boss of the Spirit's Grave. The Giant Ghini will attack by using three smaller Ghinis that it is made up of. After being defeated, his orange Ghini form flees and later appears as Pumpkin Head who is defeated when you destroy his body and then throw his head away to attack Jalhalla's Orange Ghini form.

Four Swords Adventures

Jalhalla returns as the boss of the Swamp, he appears as a giant Poe wearing a Mask. He is defeated when you stun him with light from the torches and then destroy the Ghinis that come out of him. After defeating him he reveals his Green Poe form and then flees to Hyrule Castle.

When Link venture to Hyrule Castle later in the game, Jalhalla returns as a giant Purple Poe with a Lantern, when Link use the light, Jalhalla will suck Link inside him, you must then attack his true form (Green Poe) and you will defeat him.


  • Jalhalla resembles the boss Boolossus from Luigi's Mansion- a ghost-like creature that had to be split into several smaller versions that had to be taken down individually.
  • Jalhalla's name possibly comes from Valhalla, the Norse Heaven.

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