Jakoh is one of the many villains in Fist of the North Star he serves as the main antagonist in season five of the anime. Jakoh is the Governing General of the Imperial Capital.


he has kidnapped the Celestial Empress Lui and ordered Falco to destroy the Hokuto and Nanto fighters. Ostensibly, this is because they attempt to outshine the Gento's imperial star, Taikyokusei (大極星, Taikyokusei aka Polaris, not to be confused with Hokuto which is the Big Dipper). In reality, when Raoh was about to leave the Gento village after Falco convinced him to leave it alone, Raoh told Falco that Jakō had evil intentions and that Falco should kill him. Falco was unable to at the time because Falco's mother had raised Jakoh as well and would have been heartbroken. After Lui is saved, Falco himself kills Jakō in an act of vengeance.



  • Jakoh is considered to be one of the most pathetic and weak characters in the anime/manga by both fans of the series and characters within Fist of the North star. 
  • Jakoh was the only final enemy of a arc not to die in battle, Jakoh died begging for his life without even fighting for life before he was killed. 
  • Jakoh has a fear of the dark , do to the darkness reminding him of Raoh and Kenshiro .
  • In the manga he has two sons Jask and Sheeno they both work under him.
  • In the anime, he is voiced by Shigeru Chiba, who has done villains such as Emperor Pilaf, Buggy, Raditz, F.A.N.G. and Yoshihiro Kira.