The only way you can break the curse is by killing the one who started it all and that's me. I'm not ready to die just yet...
~ Jake Taylor

Jake Taylor is the main antagonist in the 2005 film Cursed. He is a werewolf that lives in Hollywood and he runs a Wax Museum, and has a love for horror movies, especially werewolf movies; he even keeps a prop that was used in the Wolf Man.

He was portrayed by Joshua Jackson.


Not much of Jake's history is known, but he was apparently going out with a girl named Ellie Myers for a while. At the beginning of the movie, Jake show's off his wolfman prop to Ellie before she picks up her brother Jimmy. Shortly later, a large unseen wolf like creature attacks them on the highway, but the police who recover them say it was a bear or a cougar. Jimmy however was convinced it was werewolf and immediately begins to study them.

Soon becomes apparent there is a werewolf killing people in Los Angeles. When Ellie and Jimmy are finally convinced about the existence of werewolves and even their dog suffers lycanthropy. They talk to Jake who is revealed to be a werewolf himself but he tries to convince them that he is not the werewolf that bit them and Jimmy discovers that a cure for lycanthropy involves destroying the head werewolf before they give in to their transformation. Jake's case is seemingly proven when another werewolf suddenly attacks the Hollywood Building where they where meeting. The werewolf is revealed to be Joanie, a publicist that turned into a werewolf from a one night stand and became obsessed with him, even though he doesn't care for her. For revenge, Joanie kills any girl that Jake goes out with and after Joanie is killed, Ellie and Jimmy become concerned when Jake disappears.

At their house, which was messed up from a rampage by their lycanthropic dog. Ellie encounters Jake, who became obsessed with having Ellie to himself and was even willing to kill Jimmy and anyone who stands in his way for her. A fight ensue's and Jake proves himself to strong, even when he is in his fully human form. Ellie and Jimmy begin to transform but Ellie shears Jake with a silver cake serves, whilst Jimmy distracts him and then Ellie decapitates Jake with a shovel, curing her and her brother.