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On December 11, 2013, Simmons was at the Opal City Police Department. Through unknown means, as he was not in Central City on the night that the Particle Accelerator exploded and he gained meta-human powers. Jake has the power to shoot plasma through his eyes and absorb electricity. That was why Ray nicknamed his as Death Bolt.


Death Bolt

Criminal activity in Starling City

As the news kept reporting that Roy Harper was the Arrow, Simmons used his powers to murder two bank guards and rob it. After leaving the bank, the Atom attacked him and Simmons blasted the Atom with plasma, fortunately, the Atom's exosuit prevented the plasma from killing him. The Atom unleashed electricity at him, however Simmons absorbed it. Simmons managed to strangle the Atom with a chain during a fist fight, however the Atom managed to fly away and crashed into a dumpster. Later, Felicity Smoak arrived at the power plant and he held her hostage. Oliver took control of Ray's suit by a remote link which harnessed the Atom's abilities online with his own martial arts knowledge. The link was successful until Simmons destroyed it which made Ray helpless until Oliver motivated Ray into beating Simmons. Ray held his hand over Simmon's eyes and reflected his eye blast back into his face and then knocked him unconsciousness. Simmons was placed in the Pipeline at S.T.A.R Labs by Ray and Cisco. Cisco and Ray were baffled since Simmons was in Opal City at the night Eobard Thawne's particle accelerator exploded.

Escape from the Pipeline

Simmons moved out of STAR Labs in a truck with the other meta humans and began fighting the other prisoners. After Leonard Snart and his sister sabotaged the truck, Simmons and the others escaped. Simmons was about to kill the Flash until Leonard killed him because Simmons owed Leonard money.

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