Jake Morgan is the main antagonist of 1988 revival TV series Mission: Impossible episode. He is portrayed by Frank Thring.


In the past two years, Morgan kidnapped several women and sold them to Asian and African countries, with the help of his right-hand woman, Pepper Leveau, who runs a jazz club, suspicions that she targets the girls of the club and moves them onto Morgan. Authorities suspected him of being responsible for the disappearance of over one hundred young women but didn't have any proof. Morgan writes a list of the women sold, and keeps it in his cane.

Two years later, other women were captured, and a week ago, Diane Martin, the daughter of a noted Houston industrialist, captured her. Her wealthy father believed she's been kidnapped and was waiting for a ransom demand.

Diane escaped but was recaptured by Pepper and she begged Morgan not to do anything to her, but he whipped her and send her back to the other girls.

Jim Phelps and the IMF team were sent to rescue her and the other girls and proof Morgan's guilt on the disappeared women.

Morgan is fascinated by alligators, since one of them took off his right leg.

Morgan is chased out of his house by Pepper, after the team tricked both Pepper and Morgan to drive away between them, he dropped his cane (with his slave list) and fell into the river and was eaten by the alligators.