If I take you to them, I might get an extra bonus.
~ Jake reveals his true colors as a Zagorian.
A man can't live on just dreams and ideals. Your brother was worth a lot of money.
~ Jake, as he gets ready to fight Alicia.
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Jake Hernandez is the main antagonist of the Rescue Mission mode of Time Crisis 3. He was formerly second-in-command of the Lukano Liberation Army, but he betrayed them for his lust for money.

Rescue Mission

When he encounters Alicia, he tells him what had happened when he and the Lukano Liberation Army tried to sabotage the tactical missiles. He then holds Alicia at gunpoint but Alicia retaliates and prompts a gunfight between Alicia and Jake in the middle of a crowded city. Eventually, Alicia manages to subdue Jake, but before he could answer, a Zagorian soldier comes to his rescue and he flees the area. Alicia later encounters him in a Zagorian hangar, where he is attempting to flee, but she engages him in another shootout in which she kills all of the Zagorian soldiers and finally kills the traitor by shooting him through the detonator with her sniper rifle, piercing through it and hitting him in the head. As Jake dies, the aircraft he was taking off from falls off a cliff and explodes from sustaining heavy damage.