Jai Sharma is a fictional character in the Emmerdale franchise. He first appeared as a central character in 2009 and went on to serve as a major protagonist throughout 2010-2013, an anti-hero in 2014, the secondary antagonist in 2015, and once more a major character from 2016 to 2018 onwards.

He was portrayed by Chris Bisson.


Jai moves to the village with his brother, Nikhil and his sister Priya, to open a sweet factory. Jai is angered when Nikhil keeps talking about their father would run things so Jai reminds Nikhil that they run the sweet factory, not their father. Jai soon befriends Faye Lamb and takes a shine to Maisie Wylde. Jai is annoyed with Priya's bad behaviour and tells her to either stop or move out of his house.

Carl King accuses Jai and Nikhil of causing a massive chemical spill and Jai decides to teach Carl a lesson but Nikhil stops him. Jai and Faye date briefly. Jai gives Charity Tate a job at the factory and makes it clear that he likes her. She likes him too but refuses to take things any further while she is dating Cain Dingle. After learning that he has cheated on her, she ends the relationship and starts dating Jai. Cain tries numerous ways to break Jai and Charity up but Jai only ends things with Charity when he learns that she has been undermining Nikhil at the factory. Charity tries to get Jai to change his mind, but he refuses but throws Ella out when she makes advances towards him. Charity eventually persuades Jai to rekindle their relationship and the pair get engaged. At the engagement party, Declan attacks Jai after Ella reveals that Jai is Mia Macey's birth father, not him.

Jai's parents, Rishi and Georgia Sharma, visit to meet Charity. Rishi is impressed but Georgia is not and makes it clear. The family are concerned about Priya's relationship with Cain and Jai tries to stop her meeting him but accidentally hits her, knocking her to the ground. Cain encourages her to call the police and report him so Jai is arrested for assault and released with a caution. Cain's constant interference makes Jai and Charity feel they have to call the wedding off. Jai is one of six suspects when Cain is attacked. Cameron Murray finds Jai standing over an unconscious Cain. When questioned, Jai insists that he found Cain that way and was going to get help. Jai is arrested but released due to lack of evidence, until Cain tells the police that Jai attacked him. Jai's family and Charity try to get him released and Charity even visits Cain and asks to drop the charges, but he refuses. Jai is released on bail, and shouts at Nikhil who believes that Charity is responsible and insists on trying to convince Jai of this until but Jai tells him that Charity's family have disowned her for supporting him and he is extremely grateful for it.

Jai tells Charity that he wants children but she does not, due to two difficult pregnancies so she suggests Jai adopt her son, Noah. When he learns that Nikhil and his girlfriend are expecting a baby, Jai and Charity argue and he goes to the factory and gets drunk. When Rachel Breckle arrives, Jai persuades her to have a drink with him and they end up sleeping together. Rachel later finds that she is pregnant and, refusing to be anyone's dirty little secret, demands that Jai tell Charity. Jai refuses and offers Rachel an expensive flat away from the village but she refuses to move so he buys a house in the village for her and the baby, telling Charity that Rachel will be paying rent. Rachel and Charity argue and Rachel goes into labour. Jai takes Rachel's boyfriend, Sam Dingle, to the hospital and tries to find out how she and the baby are. He is relieved to learn the baby has been born safely but cannot visit but Rachel lets him see his son but bans him from visiting regularly, worried that Charity will find out. Jai employs Rachel to clean Holdgate Farm, allowing him to have contact with Archie. When Charity sees Jai with Archie, she realizes that he is Archie's father and confronts him but Rishi claims that he is Archie's father. Soon afterwards, Jai learns Charity had a one-night stand with Declan. After arguing briefly, Jai and Charity reconcile but Charity realizes that Rishi lied and ends their marriage. Charity later smashes up Jai's car with a JCB digger and he convinces Charity to meet him at the lake where she declared her love for him, but she throws her wedding ring onto the frozen lake. While trying to retrieve it, Jai falls into the water when the ice breaks. Charity calls an ambulance but refuses to go with him to hospital. Jai gives Charity divorce papers, telling her he wants to do it as easily as possible, annoying her that he is unaffected by her actions. When he later finds her in bed with Ross Barton, he initially attacks him but refuses to play Charity's game. Charity insists on organizing Archie's first birthday but struggles to cope and demands that he choose - her or Archie. Jai initially chooses Charity and Noah, even buying her an eternity ring but soon realizes that he can't break off contact with his son so he and Charity separate. She and Noah move in with Debbie and Charity refuses to let him see Noah, trying to hurt him. Jai sees Archie regularly until Rachel tells the police that she started the fire at Home Farm, taking Archie with her. He hopes to gain custody but Rachel does not show for her trial. He persuades Sam to help him find Rachel, giving him money but the Dingles worry that Sam is neglecting his son. Charity confronts Jai and he admits that he only cares about getting Archie back, not Rachel or Sam. Charity records the conversation and plays it to Sam, who realizes that he was being used and refuses to have anything to do with him. Jai sacks the solicitor he hired to search for Archie before a man named Mark, approaches him after seeing the appeal Jai set up - claiming to know where Rachel and Archie are. Jai is skeptical until Mark shows him a picture of Rachel on his phone. They agree to work together, providing that Jai pays Mark £10,000. He leads them to Rachel's old estate, claiming she is living there again and he has seen her regularly. Jai believes him and is desperate to start searching but Mark demands another £10,000, fearing that he will be attacked for talking to a stranger. Jai complies and they go to the estate together but Mark insists he wait in the car and disappears with the cash. However, Charity and Declan trail Jai and Mark, terrified their crime will be exposed. After targeting Mark, they threaten him but Mark admits he hasn't seen Rachel for years and agrees to keep his mouth shut. He flees, leaving Charity and Declan to cover their tracks and disappear. Jai is devastated when he realizes he has been played, as he trusted Mark. He spends a evening drinking before Declan's sister, Megan (Gaynor Faye), drops by. After confiding in one another, they kiss. The next morning, they regret their actions and decide it meant nothing but later become a couple.

However, Jai soon turns his interest to Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi), who intends to invest in Sharma & Sharma but Megan challenges her for the possible offer. An irritated Leyla then proposes to Megan that they each take £40 of Jai's money and build on it. Megan agrees and the women go head to head, trying to outdo each other - Megan attempts to sell a deal involving chocolate santas while Leyla sells burgers. Jai initially underestimates Leyla, thinking she is not very intelligent but is surprised when Leyla dresses up in an old lapdancing costume. Leyla uickly sells her stock, leaving Megan irritated at being thwarted but she soon regrets this and sees Leyla's potential as a business partner, persuading Leyla to join her in a wedding planning business. Jai is still angry that Leyla chose to start a business with Megan instead, but the two soon become attracted to each other and kiss in secret. After an afternoon of passion in Leyla's office, they are nearly caught by Megan but continue their relationship. Things sour when Priya's new beau Rakesh Kotecha (Pasha Bocarie) arrives in the village, and it is revealed that Rakesh is a former business rival that Jai does not like or trust. This is not helped when Priya announces that she plans to marry Rakesh, causing a rift develops between Jai and Priya. He is rankled when they go on to perform their engagement ceremony, regardless of his feelings about the relationship. After having sex in the factory office, Jai and Leyla are caught by Rakesh, who uses this to blackmail Jai to keep quiet.

A month later, Declan, who was believed to be dead, returns and threatens to kill Megan, before revealing Charity's crimes to her family. These include blackmailing Rachel to leave the village with her son. Jai and the Dingles are livid, but when Jai demands that Charity tells him where Rachel is, she claims she doesn't know. Outcast from her family, Charity discovers that Declan has not only disappeared but left a DVD of incriminating evidence. Her lawyer is unable to support her after she admitted that her involvement was 50/50 in most of the crimes and she decides to flee, leaving Noah with Debbie. However, she is attacked by a mystery assailant and falls unconscious. Waking up in an abandoned shipping container, she finds herself chained in near darkness, with only a small bottle of water. The door opens to reveal that her attacker is Jai, who has kidnapped her in the woods in revenge for her taking away his son. Jai tells Charity that unless she reveals Archie's location, he will leave her to die but she claims she doesn't know where Rachel is and that Declan was lying. She begs for him to let her live, reminding him of what they once had, but he is unsympathetic and tells her that she isn't getting any more food or water. After he leaves her, Sam approaches Jai, suspecting that he is involved in Charity's disappearance, and demands for him to give him his car keys so he can find her. When Jai refuses, they fight and Jai is knocked over the balcony, falling heavily. Before he falls unconscious, he tells Sam that Charity is in the woods, and that the keys are in his pocket. When he comes around in hospital, he discovers Charity has been rescued and is alive. After discharging, he meets her in the Woolpack and she threatens him that he won't get away with what he did and to stay away from her.

Megan, now suspicious of Jai and Leyla, confronted her after she sees how distressed Leyla was whilst Jai was comatose and lies that he has died, leading Megan to force her to admit the truth. Furious, Megan determines to buy her partner out of the business but is put out when she doesn't have the money to do so. She initially plans to find another way to get rid of Leyla but later tells her that she can stay in the business, but that they work separately and don't see each other again, after Leyla's betrayal. After Leyla agrees, Megan tells her that she isn't dumping Jai, as she has lost too much already, including her young son Robbie (Jamie Shelton) and Declan, to lose Jai as well, and that she has decided to stay with him. Consequently, when Jai is approached by a man called Josh, who claims to be bringing Archie back as Rachel needs money so she can go into rehab, Jai believes him. He pays Josh the money requested and he, Megan and baby Archie become a family until Rachel and the real Archie return. On learning that he has bought someone else's child, Jai promptly calls Social Services, giving "Archie" to them and later learns that Josh sold his own son. Desperate to gain custody of the real Archie, he locks Rachel in a freezer when she threatens to use him buying a baby against him in court. He later releases her and goes to a solicitor, seeking residency, claiming that he and his wife can provide better than Rachel and Sam. Knowing that he has no case, Jai resorts to dirty tricks - including drugging Rachel so she misses a mediation session and putting a camera on Archie's teddy bear so he can spy on Rachel and Sam. Sadly for Jai, the camera records him and Leyla together and Rachel finds the footage. She tips off Jai's wife, Megan, and they plan revenge together.