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Jade Mortal Kombat Films

Jade is a villainess in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. While her videogame counterpart is portrayed as a good, this version of Jade is an enforcer who remains loyal to Shao Kahn until her death.

She is portrayed by Siberian supermodel Irina Pantaev.


Even though she was killed early she still displayed her abilities in battle using a staff and being exceptional in hand to hand combat capable of being able to match liu kang and able to trick him easily.


Jade Service
jade appears in front of liu kang and trys to seduce him she then kisses him he immediately refuses stating he loves another. She punches him then reveals her true colors and she fights him, she soon starts to have an advantage but liu kang soon prevails. She reveals that this was only a test. After failing to seduce Liu Kang and leading the other warriors to an ambush (not before testing Liu Kang and leading him to the Temple of the Elder Gods), Kahn himself has her eaten and swallowed by a living gargoyle in his palace due to her alleged failure at keeping the Earth Warriors from escaping. There is also little to no indication in the movie that Jade and Kitana know each other from the past. Instead, Kitana glares at Jade when she betrays the group during a later part of the film.


Jade's role in the novelization of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation is expanded, and a history between her and Kitana is hinted at, but Kitana is disgusted by her arrival rather than friendly with her (which would explain Kitana glaring at Jade in the movie). She fakes subduing Sindel and lures the Earth Warriors into a trap, distracting them long enough for the Extermination Squads to get close, before escaping. Like in the film, despite Sindel's testimony to Jade's loyalty, Shao Kahn has her devoured by a living stain-glass window for allowing the Earth Warriors to survive.

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