It was a kindness putting her out of misery really. She was better off dead.
~ Jacs right before her demise.

Jacs Holt was the main antagonist of Season 1 of Wentworth. A prisoner in the Wentworth Correctional Centre in 2013. Married to Vincent "Vinnie" Holt, the two ran a crime family together. She was arrested for murder and had a 14 year sentence, however she served 7 before she was killed by Bea Smith.

Jacs was Top Dog in the prison until Franky Doyle took over following her death, who would later crown Bea as 'Queen Bea', making Bea Top Dog.

Life in Wentworth

Jacs' position as Top Dog made her a formidable adversary. She had her henchwomen attack other prisoners for information, money, drugs or sex, knowing that the women could not tell the prison officers, screws. If they 'lagged', they were ridiculed and picked off by the other prisoners and were beaten or humiliated.

Jacs could not stand her position as Top Dog threatened, as evidenced when Franky Doyle challenged her, but failed. Jacs punished Franky by calling her henchwomen to attack Franky and pin her down while she demanded Bea press the steam presser down on her hands, causing distrust between Bea and Franky.

Jacs had connections on the outside being part of a large family of crime, she ordered her son, Brayden to fall in love with Bea's daughter, Debbie Smith, to get information about Bea and her family. When she felt she had enough, she demanded Brayden 'Break-Up' with Debbie, which agreed and overdosed Debbie with Heroin, killing her.

Outraged, Bea went to Jacs for the truth, in which Jacs taunted Bea, saying that Debbie was demanding attention, and when Brayden finally gave it to her, he let him do what ever he wanted. This pushed Bea over the top and she grabbed a pen and stabbed Jacs in the throat with it, killing her within seconds.