Jacques is a contestant on Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, and is one of the main antagonists with his partner, Josee as The Ice Dancers.

He was voiced by Scott McCord.


Jacques is a Canadian figure skater whose dream was to win gold at the Olympics. When he finally got the chance, he dropped his partner Josee on the ice and the two became national embarrassments who were forced to settle for bronze. They are conniving performers who signed up for the show to prove that they are still winners, and will do whatever it takes to guarantee a victory all while flashing a show-ready smile.

Jacques is often on the receiving end of any pain and humiliation the Ice Dancers endure. He is abused both physically and verbally by Josee; however, Jacques maintains an undying loyalty to her despite this abuse. While he can be just as ruthless as his partner, Jacques is shown to be more rational than Josee, and he will often attempt to calm Josee down during one of her outbursts.



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