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Jacques 'Le Coq' Grandé

Jacques "Le Coq" Grandé

Ding Dong. Did someone order the special Quebec pizza, huh? You know, like in the porno?
~ Jacques "Le Coq" Grandé
Don't look at me with that tone of voice or I will punch you in the shirt!
~ Jacques "Le Coq" Grandé
Celine! Tis my day of lucky!
~ Jacques "Le Coq" Grandé shouting his love for his favorite singer Celine Dion.
~ Jacques "Le Coq" Grandé swearing in French.

Jacques "Le Coq" Grandé is the star French-Canadian goaltender (goalie) of rival team LA Kings and the main antagonist of the 2008 romantic comedy movie The Love Guru. He changed his name "Le Coq" for reason that cannot be explained on the media news but in actuality, it referred to his huge penis which only boasts his own ego & made him a self-proclaimed "ladies' man".

He was portrayed by singer/actor Justin Timberlake.






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