Time to take your medicine.
~ Jacqueline's famous quote

Jacqueline Hyde is the titular main antagonist in the 2005 American erotic film, Jacqueline Hyde.

She was portrayed by Blythe Metz.


Jacqueline is a lingerie model in a Emaculate Cosmetics magazine. After Jackie tests the Formula 55 a few times that was made from her relative, she transformed into the exact copy of the model she chose and named it Jacqueline also her evil made up sister. Jacqueline's voice is different to Jackie, of her normal personality. She is very strong and aggressive to her enemies.


After Jackie got use to Formula 55, she transformed into the model and used it as a disguise around the whole public. She started doing some random and strange things that she is doing. Jackie realized there was a side effect of the formula she drank. They both have been fighting for control of Jackie's body. After Jacqueline takes full control of Jackie's body, she made Philip drink the potion he now became one of their evil clones.