Jacopo meeting with Rodrigo Borgia and the other Pazzi conspirators.

Libertà! Libertà! Libertà! Popolo e libertà! (Liberty! Liberty! Liberty! People and liberty!)
~ Jacopo endeavors to ease the civilians at the Palazzo della Signoria.

Jacopo de' Pazzi (1421-1480) is a villain from the video game Assassin's Creed II. He was a Templar Order and the leader of the Pazzi Conspiracy.

Jacopo is one of the antagonists of Sequence 3, Requiescat in Pace, the secondary antagonist of Sequence 4, Pazzi Conspiracy and the main antagonist of Sequence 5, Loose Ends.


Jacopo de' Pazzi was the uncle of Francesco de' Pazzi and great-uncle of Vieri de' Pazzi. While Francesco was the main force behind the Conspiracy, Jacopo described himself as "the voice of reason" of the group. Jacopo is first seen in Tuscany with the other Conspirators.

His next sighting is at a meeting in the Santa Maria Novella, where the conspiracy is planned. After the conspiracy, Jacopo is seen inciting the people to shout liberty, because he thinks the conspiracy was a success. But when he sees the body of his nephew hanging from a tower, he knows that his plans to take over Florence have failed, and escapes to Tuscany.

Ezio tracks Jacopo to a meeting with the other Templars in the Antico Teatro Romano. Here, Jacopo is lectured and then stabbed by the Templar Grandmaster, because of the failed conspiracy. When he pleads for mercy, the Templar Grandmaster stabs a sword through his neck. Jacopo is left barely alive, and Ezio finishes him off after fighting off a group of Templar soldiers that the Grandmaster had sent after him.