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Dr. lane-0

Jacob's hybrid form

Jacob Lane is a Lycan (werewolf) hybrid creature and the main antagonist in Underworld: Awakening. He is the director of a biotech pharmaceutical company called Antigen. He is portrayed by Stephen Rae.


A conversation between Dr. Lane and his son suggests that at some point prior to the Purges, both he and his son Quint discovered the existence of the two Immortal species and, for unknown reasons, opted to become Lycans. His wife is also mentioned as having chosen to remain human. Lane considers this as her 'abandonment' of himself and their son. However, this theory is only suggested, rather than being stated. It is also possible that he and Quint were accidentally infected with Lycanthropy, and then attempted to force Lane's wife into becoming a Lycan as well. He is later revealed to be part of the Lycans' master plan to eradicate their Vampire enemies.

Lane initially seems to believe that humankind is more powerful than Vampires and/or Lycans, and he tells Vampiress Selene as much. Later, he is shown with the blackened eyes characteristic of a Hybrid, and he states to Detective Sebastian that humans are weak and pathetic. After Selene attacks Antigen's headquarters, he attempts to escape with her daughter Eve as his prisoner. Selene rushes the van and tips it over, causing it to crash. While Quint is fighting Selene, Lane turns to his Hybrid form and almost kills Sebastian when he tries to prevent him from kidnapping Eve, but before he can do so, Eve escapes and attacks Lane. As they fight, he gains the upper hand and pins Eve against a car. A Vampire named David attacks Lane with a shotgun and shoots him twice, but he is unaffected by the gunshots. Catching Lane off guard, Eve attacks him again. They appear evenly matched until Eve grabs Lane and slams him into the windshield of a car. She then rips out his jugular vein, killing him slowly.

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