We're the same, Seeley. We both want to do the right thing.
~ Jacob Broadsky to Seeley Booth

Jacob Broadsky is the main antagonist of season 6 of Bones. He was the former mentor to Seeley Booth, formerly a military sniper turned mercenary.

He was portrayed by Arnold Vosloo who played Zartan.



Jacob Broadsky was formerly a military sniper during the Gulf War who trained Seeley Booth during his time in the army, serving as both a mentor and friend to Booth. As one of the best snipers in the world, Broadsky moved on to a hostage rescue unit. One year in, Broadsky shot and killed a masked gunman to save a hostage, but was indicted for murder as he was not officially ordered to do so. Before he could be formally charged, Broadsky went into hiding.


Although he presumably had been a bounty hunter for years, he did not resurface on the radar until he successfully assassinated Heather Taffet, aka the Grave Digger. Hired by James Kent, the father of two of Taffet's victims, Broadsky sniped her from an apartment that he killed the owner for access to. He is identified when he purchases land for a hideout in Seeley Booth's name. Booth chases him down but suffers a leg injury, thus allowing Broadsky to get away unharmed.

Broadsky continues killing those who he feels evaded the justice system, getting all his information from a woman named Paula. When Booth confronts Paula about this, she commits suicide, for which Broadsky blames Booth. He confronts Booth in his own apartment, warning him that he would have no problem making Parker (Booth's son) a fatherless child. Before Broadsky can assassinate a crooked cop on trial for bribery, Booth and Brennan stop him, destroying his rifle as a result.


Broadsky now makes things personal, as he uses an infrared scope to scan the Jeffersonian lab where he works with the rest of his team. He calls Booth's phone to get his location, but the phone is picked up by one of the squinterns, Vincent Nigel-Murray. Thinking Nigel-Murray is Booth, Broadsky shoots and kills him. An enraged Booth tracks Broadsky down to the docks and engage in a sniper-to-sniper fight. Broadsky is shot in the leg by Booth, leading to his capture and subsequent imprisonment.


  • He is the first and only serial killer to survive their respective story arc
  • Despite making it his mission to kill criminals that get away with their crimes, he kills more innocent people than actual criminals.
  • He serves as the anti-Booth, much like the Grave Digger served as the anti-Brennan.