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I'm full again, Joseph! Flesh restored to completion. Is it not beautiful? Sometimes you really need to learn to appreciate what you have, because you'll probably have to go far out of your way to get it back.
~ Jackson Wilkerson speaking to Joseph Kaufman, referencing him no longer being a revenant.

Jackson Wilkerson (later, Leviathan) is the secondary main villain of the In Torment series, whom eventually takes over as the main villain. He is featured in some form in all of the stories but Oceanic. He acted as the rival for both Joseph Kaufman and Natalie Sutton, and later, Michael Asher.

Created from the soul of Olen Grant from Enki after his death, Jackson became the "ultimate creation" with time, in Enki's words. After the death of Abaddon, Enki gave Jackson (Leviathan at this point) godhood over humanity, taking the power of the now-deceased Mendes and Abaddon, and later, the power of Dread after his death.


Appearing directly in two stories and the prologue to the series (In Torment: Excubia), Jackson is an apathetic, selfish killer willing to do anything at all for either Enki, Mendes, or simply himself. Created from the soul of Olen Grant being cleaned of its memory after his death and reincarnated, Jackson turned out exactly the opposite of Olen in his beliefs, accepting Enki as his lord and despising sentient life. He did manage to keep Olen's sadism and egotism, however. Jackson is shown to be a power freak with an unstable lust for control. Aggressive, assertive, dominant and violent, Jackson is firm in his belief to take whatever he wants.

The Events of In Torment

Having been contacted by Enki, and loyal to him since he was first sentient, Jackson was an old friend of both Natalie Sutton and Joseph Kaufman. When Natalie was chosen by Enki to birth his child, Jackson was tasked with getting Natalie to the underground facility known as the Hellmouth (constructed by Michael Asher) and impregnating her, as his seed was replaced with Enki's.

When he failed to impregnate Natalie Sutton with the child of Enki, his punishment was to have his throat slashed by the deity's claws. Stumbling into the room he was meant to impregnate Natalie in, he met his other lord once more- Mendes.

Mendes healed his throat for a moment so that he could be sent back in time to knock out all three teens (including himself), and put them in the facility, as had had occurred earlier. This was done so that Joseph and Natalie had no chance of running in a different direction. When this was done, his throat opened itself yet again, and his body was placed back in time and put in one of the facility's rooms so that he could take the Executioner's mask (also constructed by Michael Asher) off of the corpse. He then simply awaited, in death, until he was put to use again.

The Events of In Torment in Hell

Returning slightly over a year later in In Torment in Hell, Jackson is seen as an undead/resurrected zombie-like creature called a reveneant, where he hunted down Joseph and Natalie to kill Joseph, and complete his mission for impregnating Natalie. His revenant form was based on the fears of Joseph and Natalie, along with their darkest thoughts. For instance, having hooks on thread-like tendons from his wrists as a form of mockery towards Natalie's suicidal thoughts after the events of the first In Torment.

Jackson eventually succeeds in killing Joseph, as after an ill-fated attempt to shoot Jackson, Joseph and Natalie jump out of a window. Jackson then throws the bronze icon down on them, summoning Enki, whom kills Joseph. This was done to put fear and complete fear into Natalie, so that she would fully trust Joseph when Mendes told him to return to the facility, to have a chance to stop Enki's plan.

This turned out to be a trap, as when they arrived at the Hellmouth, Jackson was waiting for them. Joseph was preoccupied mentally by Mendes, and Jackson raped Natalie, impregnating her with Enki's child. As a reward and a show of gratitude, Jackson was gifted his normal body back, no longer a rotting revenant.

After Joseph regained consciousness, he confronted the newly-fleshed Jackson. Taking advantage of his egotism, Joseph insulted him to the point of extreme anger. After a gruesome and prolonged fight, Joseph impaled him with his own pole between the collar bones, which exited halfway down his spine. Joseph died from his injuries only moments later, and the pair's bodies fell to the ground beside each other.

After this death, Jackson was sent back in time one week before the events of In Torment: Excubia, making it eight days before the events of In Torment. Cursed to infinitely repeat the same events, no matter what happens, or what changes, Jackson was sent to the start. Even if he succeeded fully in his mission, it didn't matter. The exact reason for this is unknown, but both Mendes and Jackson have stated their thoughts on it. It is unknown if either are the full truth. This is referred to as a time paradox.

The Events of In Torment III

After Mendes was banished by Michael, the time paradox came to an end. The disembodied voice of Jackson makes an appearance at the end, speaking to Michael, whom was in Panthalassa, through his radio. Jackson states his thoughts towards why the time paradox was started, and ensures Michael he will return with a body in the future.

His rape of Natalie during In Torement in Hell plays a major role, as in this story, The Assimilator is born- the spawn of this action.

The events of In Torment 4

In In Torment 4, it is revealed that the time loop Jackson was within was not a punishment, but rather the ultimate gauntlet of training. Enki had been preparing Jackson for godhood, as a sort of golden chosen child, this entire time.

Once Enki was defeated by Dread, and Abaddon (In Torment) was killed by Michael Asher, Enki retired the mantle of humanity, stating he would not interfere in the acts of humanity anyone- be it for or against it. He, instead, offered one final act of divine tyranny out of revenge for his son. He gave the mantle of humanity (possession over humanity, godhood over it) to the soul of Jackson Wilkerson, whom was now known as the deity Leviathan.

When Michael, Dread, and Natalie leave the Hellmouth, they find that they have been transported to Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Alaska, to prevent them from returning home by Leviathan, whom manifests in front of them.

Wearing a royal plate-like armor of black and silver and covered with spikes and decorative curved horns on the shoulders, he showed off his power by manipulating the black smoke (which Mendes and Dread used to teleport themselves when they were in Panthalassa) to create four centipede-like legs floating behind him (a nod to the slain Abaddon) and used them as weapons.

Casting Michael through a portal to speak with Enki once more (since he had killed Abaddon, Enki's son, Enki was going to force Michael to live whilst Leviathan killed Dread and Natalie), Leviathan sliced Natalie's heels open and proceeded to fight Dread, though he proved to be much more powerful that the god of humanity, mocking Dread as he threw him around and cheering out in an act of vanity.

Natalie was visited by the spirit of Joseph Kaufman (Michael convinced Enki to at least allow he a good death), whom assured her that no matter what Leviathan did to her, he would be waiting for her on the other side. Whilst this went on, Leviathan impaled Dread in the stomach with Michael's machete, before letting his corpse (and the machete) to fall to the ground.

Walking over towards Natalie, he taunted her, claiming she wasn't worth the energy required to rape her. Happy that it appeared she was crying, he turned her over to notice she was laughing in his face, fearless after having spoken to Joseph. Leviathan crushed her head with his boot in anger, before flying away on bat-like wings.

After the fight, Michael was allowed to come back through a portal. He picked up his machete and swore on Dread's and Natalie's corpses that he would kill Leviathan.


  • The start of the time paradox, along with the end, can not be exactly tracked. It has been confirmed by ShawnCognitionCP that the same universe the paradox started in is the one it ended in, meaning the stories take place as the story really unfolds for the first time.
  • Jackson is technically of unlimited age due to the time paradox.
  • He is described as pure evil by Mendes himself in In Torment: Excubia.
  • He is known for his egotism and anger.
  • He is the second character in the In Torment series to be dubbed "The Masked Man", with Dread being the first.
  • Though his mask, the icon he uses to summon Enki, and the Hellmouth itself were all constructed by Michael Asher, Jackson shows an extreme animosity towards him.