Jackson Norriss is the main antagonist of the 2014 Marvel's one-shot film All Hail The King . He was played by actor Scott McNairy who also portrayed Tom Bowen and he is member of the terrorist organization "Ten Rings" .

Role in the one-shot movie

Begining and Meeting Trevor

After the man previously known as the Mandarin was publicly revealed to be the English actor Trevor Slattery, the realMandarin, the leader of the Ten Rings terrorist organization, ordered his followers to kidnap Slattery and bring the actor to his presence. To this end, Jackson Norriss infiltrated Seagate Prison disguised as documentary maker to interview Slattery. To maintain his cover, he did a lot of research about Slattery's life and interviewed him many times, talking about the role of Aldrich Killian as his employer, the logistics of Killian's plan in creating an amalgam warlord.

On the last day of his interview, Jackson wanted to wrap out his film asking about the real Trevor Slattery, bringing him documents about his past, such as a photograph with his mother when he was a kid, and his role as a main character in a rejected TV pilot. When Norriss asked about the possibility that the Ten Rings or the Mandarin himself could be angered by his portrayal, Slattery was surprised to learn that the terrorists were real, as he previously thought that they were another aspect of the role A.I.M. created for him.

Reveal as Ten Rings Member

While relating the history of the Mandarin, Norriss retrieved a handgun he had concealed inside his videocamera, immediately killing the guards. Herman, another inmate of the prison and Slattery's unofficial butler, who accompanied him during the interview, attacked Norriss, surviving his initial shot and fighting until Norriss was able to stab Herman in the neck.

Trevor's Escape from Prison and End of the Story

Trevor picked one of the guns from the corpse of a guard, and was able to hold him at gunpoint briefly with it before being disarmed. After regaining control of the situation, Norriss revealed that he was sent to break Slattery out of prison and take him to the presence of the real Mandarin.



  • Trevor Slattery ,aka: The Mandarin - Leader
  • The Ten Rings - Organization that send him


  • Herman ,Trevor's unofficial butler - victim.
  • Trevor Slattery - Interviewee


He is very manipulative but aggresive man.