Jackson Gordon Cally, aka The Grandfather, is a cult leader who appeared in Criminal Minds episode "The Tribe". 

He was portrayed by Chad Allen.


Jackson Cally was born in 1974 in an abusive environment. He spent the majority of his childhood in foster homes, and when he turned 18, he was imprisoned for auto theft. While imprisoned, he preached to hsi fellow inmates on religion. At one point, when he was threatened by another prisoner, he convinced his cellmate to kill him. Upon his release, Cally began studying Native American culture in different universities, and formed a cult in Terra Mesa, New Mexico. Cally's ultimate plan was to instigate a war between the Caucasians and the Native Americans.

Cally's crimes were brought to the attention of the FBI when he and his cult massacred a college dormitory, mimicking Apache war rituals in an attempt to frame the Native Americans for the attack. When the FBI ruled out the Native Americans as suspects, Cally's cult next targeted the head of the American Defense Unit, killing him and his family, impaling their heads on pikes for the FBI to find. Cally finally dressed his cult like the ADU and attacked a Native American school. His plans were foiled, however, when BAU unit chief Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner, and local police officer John Blackwolf, subdued his cult. Cally and the remaining members of his cult were afterwards.