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Jacko and Quombi are two minor antagonists/henchmen in the Alex Rider book Snakehead. They are guards at the human organ donation hospital in Arnhem Land in Australia, and they are under orders from Bill Tanner to protect and guard Alex Rider, to stop him escaping alive. They are ultimately under Winston Yu's orders. Bill Tanner makes it clear he is afraid of Yu and doesn't want any chaos. Jacko and Quombi are native Aboriginals and work at this because there is no other work. Jacko and Quombi are both merciless and ruthless to Alex from the moment he arrives. Quombi is left on night shift when Jacko goes to sleep, and Quombi, being greedy, is easily tricked - Alex tricks him by rolling a silver coin down the corridor, it lands by a filing cabinet which Alex smashes onto Quombi when he goes to pick up the coin. Then Jacko is later woken from his sleep when Alex blows up the hospital and Jacko is ordered to send men down to find Alex.

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