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Where's the fucking money, SHITHEAD!?
~ The blond thug waterboarding the Dude in a toilet.
Jackie Treehorn's thugs

Jackie Treehorn's thugs, Blond guy and Woo.

Woo and the blond guy are Jackie Treehorn's men from The Big Lebowski.


Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski returns home only to be roughed up by two thugs claiming to be collecting money that Lebowski's wife owes a man named Jackie Treehorn. After beating him and urinating on his rug, they realize they are looking for a different person with the same name, and they leave.

Jackie Treehorn's thugs return to The Dude's apartment to bring him to Treehorn's beach house in Malibu. Treehorn inquires about the whereabouts of Bunny, and the money, offering him a cut of any funds recovered. Treehorn then drugs The Dude's drink and The Dude passes out.


  • "Where's the fucking money, SHITHEAD!?"
  • "Don't fuck with us."
  • "Your name is Lebowski, Lebowski."
  • "Your wife owes money to Jackie Treehorn, that means you owe money to Jackie Treehorn."

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