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I wouldn't know, Dude. I deal in publishing, entertainment, political advocacy, and...
~ Treehorn on not being in the smut business

Jackie Treehorn is a minor antagonist from the 1998 film The Big Lebowski.

He was portrayed by the late Ben Gazzara.


Treehorn was a producer of pornographic films. One of his popular films was called Logjamming, and starred a German nihilist named Uli Kunkel under the screen name Karl Hungus and Bunny Lebowski. It started off with Bunny and her roommate needing their cable television fixed, with Kunkel arriving to fix the cable. In the words of Maude Lebowski what plot there was was ludicuruos and people could imagine where it went after Kunkel arrived at the apartment.

Bunny married an elderly millionaire named Jeffrey Lebowski. Her marriage was not a happy one, especially when Lebowski would not give her anywhere near enough money. Bunny wound up borrowing money from all over town, including from Treehorn. When Bunny did not pay Treehorn back he sent two of his thugs to rough up Bunny's husband. The two men paid a visit to the wrong Jeffrey Lebowski - aka The Dude, roughed him up and Woo urinated on his rug.

After Bunny disappeared, Treehorn sent his thugs back to the Dude's apartment to bring him to his compound. When the Dude asked Treehorn how the "smut business" was doing, Treehorn denied being a pornographic producer. He then asked the Dude if he knew where Bunny was. Treehorn then promised the Dude a cut of the money if he gave it to Treehorn. The Dude informed him he didn't have the money, that a young kid named Larry Sellers had stolen the money from him.

Treehorn then spiked the White Russian he prepared for the Dude, which caused the latter to pass out. The Dude had a rather sexual dream about being in a Treehorn film called Gutterballs, and the next thing he knew he was running down a busy road. Locating him, Malibu police took him into custody, and the Malibu Police Chief informed him that Treehorn claimed that he had to eject the Dude from his property. The chief went on to say that Treehorn drew a lot of water in Malibu before assaulting Lebowski.