Jackie is a minor villain of Oggy and Cockroaches and Oggy's neighbor. She appears as the main antagonist in the episode The Neighbor's Cat and later returns in the episode Missing in Action as minor character.


Jackie is a fat woman with enormous muscles, big lips and short, dark brown hair. She usually wears yellow dress with flowers on it. She also has a necklace with a talisman that looks like a heart. She has one small daughter and owns a cat called Brutus. However, she deeply hates anything connected with cats. Every single day, she tries to teach Brutus to be a dog, including punishing him when he miaows or giving him dog food.

She often takes a nap during the day and seems to be shortsighted, as she didn't notice the differences between Brutus and Oggy. She also has a gun in her bed and isn't afraid to use it at all.


The Neighbor's Cat

One day, Brutus has enough of his crazy owner, so he knocks out Oggy and gives him to Jackie, while he runs away. Jackie doesn't notice the change and thinks Oggy is her cat. Life with her is hell for Oggy. She barks at him all the time and beats him up for miaowing. She also forces him to eat dog food and take the bath. When Oggy is too furry, she cuts him so he looks like a poodle with a big bow on his head. Poor Oggy tries to escape from her for several times, but fails (also thanks to the cockroaches that think it is really funny). The worst experience for Oggy is when Jackie puts a leash with a handle around his neck and takes him for a walk where everyone laughs at him. Oggy eventually manages to escape and replaces himself with Brutus that still hangs around Jackie's house.

Missing in Action

Jackie appears again in the park when the cockroaches steal an ice cream from Jackie's daughter and blames Oggy for it. Angry Jackie beats him up. Later, the cockroaches do it again and blames Jack that time, causing she beats him up, too.