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Jackal is the twin brother of Hyena and a member of the Pack, a frequent villain in the animated series "Gargoyles" and perhaps one of the clan's more outright psychopathic enemies.


After being recruited to the Pack, Jackal and his sister, Hyena, hunted the Gargoyles in New York. After managing to escape arrest, they were sent to steal the Coyote's Diamond. When Xanatos purchased it, they tried to steal it from him and tried to assasinate him, but were foiled and sent to prison on Rikers Island. After being broken out of prison along with Wolf, Jackal and Hyena fought the Gargoyles again, but meet with another defeat. After Coyote offered a chance to wreak havoc on the Gargoyles, Jackal, along with Hyena, voluntarily became a cyborg. This was not enough to take on the Gargoyles, and the Pack were defeated once again. After that, Jackal, Hyena and Wolf fled to Egypt with help from Xanatos, who employed them there to help the Emir to summon up Anubis. Jackal was intrigued by Anubis' jackal-head as well as the Egyptian god's great power. When he became the avatar of Anubis, Jackal went insane with power and decided to destroy all life on the planet. However, he was foiled by the Emir, who used the Scroll of Thoth to become Anubis' avatar in Jackal's place. After that, Jackal and Hyena parted ways with the Pack, and went to Guatemala, where they worked for Preston Vogel to destroy the Mayan gargoyles. Jackal sent Hyena to destroy the Mayan Sun Amulet to render the gargoyles vulnerable while he planned to attack them in their stone sleep. Hyena was thwarted by Lexington and Broadway, and Jackal was subsequently routed by the Mayan gargoyles and Bronx. In 1997, Jackal freed Hyena and Wolf from prison and they wreaked havoc on Times Square. 

Powers / Abilities

  • Cybernetic Implants (Jackal is an advanced cyborg, especially for his time period (1990s) - his implants included such technological wonders as extendable metal claws, body-armor and a cybernetic eye)



  • Jackal is named after the wild dog of the same name, like the animal his sister is named after (namely the Hyena) jackals are disliked by many and considered evil in some folklore.
  • It is stated by Greg Weisman that Jackal is a sociopath and Hyena is a psychopath
  • He is one of three Gargoyles Villains to be a complete monster, the other two are Thailog and Proteus.

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