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Jackal the leader of the Warriors gang. He knows of Kenshiro's true powers and uses every underhanded tactics to avoid fighting him directly. Fights using concealed blades and dynamite. He is responsible for the death of Toyo, the old woman who raised Bat. Kenshiro chases him to his hideout in Villainy Prison. He tricks Devil Rebirth into fighting Ken by using a picture of his mother, but Kenshiro defeats Devil and kills Jackal with a stick of his own dynamite. In the TV series, Jackal's fighting style is identified as Nanto Bakusatsu Ken (South Dipper Explosive Murder Fist) and took his orders from Joker.


In the 1986 movie, he makes a cameo as a henchman of Jagi who gets killed after being horrified at the sight of Jagi's disfigured face.

Jackal in live

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