Jack of Clubs

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Originally a member of Amos Fortune's Royal Flush Gang as the Jack of Clubs, the man known only as Jack later changed suits to Spades and eventually joined the Society of Super-Villains as Hi-Jack, robbing a bank with Gorilla Grodd as an initiation and inducting a confused Captain Comet into the Society. Later, he fought Mantis the Power Parasite alongside the Society when they challenged Darkseid. He angered the Wizard following that mission and was banished to an other dimensional nether world but was later revealed to have returned to Earth and been jailed. The Justice League of America tricked him into divulging information about the Society to them while he was in prison.


Years later, he reunited with his original Gang (minus Ace) as the Jack of Clubs once more, and fought first the so-called 'Justice League Detroit' and subsequently the second Royal Flush Gang, now led by Amos Fortune himself. Betrayed by their former leader, the King, Queen and Ten died at the hands of the second Flush Gang, and Jack fled into the woods, the sole survivor.



Gun that fired specially adapted playing cards.

Television History

Jack of Clubs DCAU

Jack was one of five children that were taken from their homes and placed in a government-funded facility where they were trained to use their powers for the purpose of being used as weapons. During their late teens, the Joker freed the children and formed them into the Royal Flush Gang team, using four of its team members as interference to prevent the Justice League from defusing all the bombs he had set up in Las Vegas, while using Ace to manipulate the minds of those watching the Justice League in action on television.

Powers and Abilities


Jack was a shapeshifter who was able to shape his body into any form he desires.


This version of the character was voiced by Greg Cipes.